Suzuki Loyalty Specials

Suzuki Loyalty Specials

These specials are available on all Suzuki models for customers who choose Centurion Service Centre as their Vehicle Service Centre. By using Centurion Service Centre on an ongoing basis you could qualify for discount on your next service. Call our consultants to find out more.

Suzuki Loyalty Specials

All Vehicles with 2 year / 30 000km service plans

1st service done by Centurion – 20% discount on 3rd service
2nd service done by Centurion – 20% discount on 4th service

5th and 6th service – 15% Discount
7th and 8th service – 20%┬áDiscount
9th and 10th service – 30%┬áDiscount
11th and 12th service – 40%┬áDiscount

All vehicles with 4 year – 60 000km service plans

3rd service done by centurion -20% discount on 5th service
4th service done by centurion – 20% discount on 6th service

7th and 8th service – 15% discount
9th and 10th – 20% discount
11th and. 12th service -30% discount

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